I used to have a restaurant in Setagaya, Tokyo for 16 years.
My daughter was born when I was 41 years old. 
I wanted to live in a good environment for my daughter.
 So I moved to Nabari city. 
Nabari city has good water.
There are many friends who make vegetables organic.I cook with that delicious vegetable for you
This is my cooking policy.
I use seasonings made with traditional Japanese techniques.
I use organic foods as much as possible.
I don't use chemical seasonings.I study recipes from around the world and incorporate them into my cooking.
My cooking is basically vegan, and I will meet your needs.
My house is in Nabari City.Nearby has a waterfall associated with ninja and an old townscape associated with Kanami.
My daughter is an elementary school student.and she is interested in the people of the world. My daughter will be delighted when you come. Nice to meet you